The Trustees meet every 2 months within the headquarters of the Trust, Andrew Carnegie House, which sits on the edge of Pittencrieff Park and which was officially opened by The Princess Royal in 2008.

Trustees May 2018

  • Andrew Croxford BA CA FCCA

  • Dr Colin Firth

  • David Fleetwood Bsc Hons MRICS

  • Keith Harrison

  • Cllr Helen Law

  • Danny McArthur

  • Janet McCauslin MBE

  • Gillian Mann

  • Cllr Jean Hall Muir

  • George Murray

  • Cllr Tony Orton

  • Dr Ruth Ray MBChB, MRCG


Nora T C Rundell BA MBA MCMI
(Chief Executive)

Chiene & Tait

Royal Bank of Scotland plc

Cornelian Asset Managers Ltd
(Investment Advisers/Managers)

J R Stevenson & Marshall
(Legal Advisers/Solicitors)

Towergate Risk Solutions
(Insurance advisers)

  • Rev MaryAnn Rennie

  • Mike Reid

  • Fiona Robertson MSc MCSP (Vice Chair from April 2018)

  • J Douglas Scott BA

  • Cllr Kate Stewart

  • David M Walker BA CA FCCA

  • Ian M Wilson BSc (Chairman from April 2018)


Tiffany Window

The Carnegie Tiffany Window, was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie in 1913 as a memorial window for his parents, to be installed in Dunfermline Abbey. The heritage body of the time, H M Commission for Ancient Monuments, however ruled that because of its pastoral design the window was not suitable.

The window was in store for many years, incorporated in the newly built Carnegie Hall in 1937 and then in the Trust’s headquarters in 2008.

On Monday 12 August 2019, at a dedication ceremony, 100 years after the death of Andrew Carnegie, the newly restored Carnegie Tiffany Window was installed in Dunfermline Abbey finally fulfilling his wishes.

(see image below)

Tiffany window.jpg