The Trust is an endowment trust which was established by the international philanthropist Andrew Carnegie in 1903 to add value to the lives and environment of the community of Dunfermline, Fife, where he was born and passed his childhood. The Trust is one of over 20 Carnegie foundations worldwide and is governed by Royal Charter with a Board of twenty Trustees.


Who can apply

The geographic area of the Trust is defined as 'Dunfermline and its environs', as determined by the Trustees. Applicants must be based in or intending to use the funds for the benefit of this area.This can include sports clubs and schools, voluntary sector organisations, clubs and societies and environmental and community development.


What we give grants for

The Trust funds projects, activities and schemes with social, community, educational, cultural, sport and recreational purposes for the benefit of those within the defined geographic area of the operation of the Trust. We look for proposals that are innovative and far reaching together with those that particularly impact on young people. We are also interested in active partnerships where organisations decide to work together and adopt a joint approach. Start-up funding is offered on a one-off basis. Additional Guidelines are available for schools.

Royal Marine Band rehearsal Nov 2017.jpg 7.jpg

The schools choirs from St John's RC, Limekilns and Lynburn primary schools at rehearsals in MoD Caledonia with the Royal Marine Band.

What is not likely to be funded

Individuals; closed groups (with the exception of those catering for specialist needs); political, military or sectarian bodies; activities outwith the geographic scope of the Trust; medical organisations; routine running or salary costs; costs which are the responsibility of a government body.

Type of funding

A typical grant lies between £300 and £10,000.The Trust does not usually provide annual recurrent funding for events, schools, clubs and societies but welcomes applications which will open up opportunities and add value as widely as possible.

Application process

Trustees meet every two months and applications can be submitted at any time. Application forms are available from the website or from the office and initial discussion with the Grants Officer is encouraged. Where possible applications will be acknowledged and further information may be sought. Once all the necessary background is available the application will be considered by the appropriate assessing Trustee in the first instance who will decide if a grant under delegated powers is applicable, if it should go to the Board, or if it is not suitable to progress. When a grant is awarded the recipient will be notified in writing with any related terms and conditions which will include the take up of the grant within a twenty four month period. If an application is unsuccessful, the Trust is unlikely to consider a further application within twelve months.

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Please feedback

The Trustees also look for feedback on how a grant has helped.